Welcome to lolphin.com!

We are a new game studio currently developing a space sim 3D engine built on OpenGL, OpenAL and AH Devel's C++ Sockets library.

The "cakeday" project began as an undergraduate dissertation at the University of Nottingham, and continues as the engine is further developed into a viable platform for space-based games. During development it is being tested with "Asteroids: Adrift", a barebones 3D implementation of the old Atari favourite, "Asteroids".

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^ Status

Latest version: Snapshot 19 (v0.6.1.0)

^ Features

This is a temporary and partial list.


^ Videos

^ Roadmap for v0.6 - v0.7

This is an incomplete list of the most significant topics drawn up for attention in this portion of development. Entries will be greyed as accomplished.